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We can provide a quote to survey your property at no charge.

The most frequent question we are asked is how much does a survey cost. The truth is that every property is unique so there is no standard price for a survey. The final cost of a survey is entirely dependent on how it is described in the deed. In order to calculate the cost of the survey, we need to examine the legal description of the property, determine what it depends on for it’s location and research the historical survey record of the controlling monumentation. We also need to know what questions you need answered with the survey. We can survey all or just parts of your property, it is really up to you and your needs. With all of this information we can then calculate how much time it will take, and then translate that into how much it will cost.

Before you begin the form below, you will need to gather a few items. First find the legal description to your property. The legal description is a written description of the land that you own. This will be contained in the deed. It may also be in title work you may have received when you purchased the property. An abbreviated form of the legal description will also be on the property tax bill. We can work with this tax description for the purposes of a quote, but we will need the deed before we can perform the survey. Be aware that it may take some extra time to prepare the quote since some tax descriptions only include the first few lines of the whole description. You will be able to upload a scan of your documentation or type it into the form. Second, think about what questions you need answered. In a typical survey we set/find the property corners and prepare a map. If you only need only certain corners or some additional stakes set along the lines, it will help to include that time in the quote.

After you complete the form, the system will send you a confirmation and put your request in my email box. Quotes take time to research and prepare. We have an extensive historical survey record collection that dates back nearly sixty years. I generally like to do the quotes in the morning before the days work. Sometimes we may need to do some further research of the county and state records, so please be patient. I will contact you by phone or email when I have the quote ready.

The most important thing to remember is that we understand that legal descriptions are confusing and you may not know if you have the right information to provide us. Too much information is better than not enough. We can sort through what you have to figure out what is important. We are here to help you through the process, so if you get stuck, give me a call.

We treat all information you provide as confidential. Any information you provide is only used to contact you about the quote.

If you are inquiring about a Civil Engineering project, please call us at (989) 345-1600 or email

Please provide as much information as possible in the form as this will help us in preparing a competitive price quote for you.